3D illustration conceptual wood cross“I was in prison and you came to visit me” (Mt 25:36b)

As a parish, Sacred Heart is one of the newer participants in the Vancouver Archdiocesan Prison Ministry. A small group of dedicated parishioners assist Catholic Charities Justice Services (CCJS) prison ministry in its mission “to build a Christ-centered community that upholds the dignity of every human person touched by crime”. These volunteers bring the face of Christ to all they meet, and in turn Christ’s suffering is revealed to them; they feel immensely blessed by their involvement.

The Prison Ministry can take many forms: visiting inmates in prisons, supporting released offenders directly or indirectly with re-integration, and providing outreach to families and victims impacted by crime.  Not least of all is praying, as individuals and as a Catholic parish community, for prisoners, their families and the victims of crime.

The variety of activities that prison ministry volunteers may engage in are endless.

For more information, please visit the CCJS website: http://rcav.org/prison-and-justice-services/

To get involved, please contact us.

Prison Ministry Parish Liaison

Deacon Dileep Athaide   |  (604) 940-2396 |  dathaide@rcav.org