Immaculate-Conception-is-a-Roman-Catholic-Diocese-of-ChanthaburiMary is that of Mary herself. Especially does the Legion aspire after her profound humility, her perfect obedience, her angelical sweetness, her continual prayer, her universal mortification, her altogether spotless purity, her heroic patience, her heavenly wisdom, her self-sacrificing courageous love of God, and above all her faith, that virtue which has in her alone been found in its utmost extent and never equaled. Inspired by this love and faith of Mary, her Legion essays any and every work and “complains not of impossibility, because it conceives that it may and can do all things.” (Imitation of Christ, 111.5)

The formal  part of meeting is 90 minutes. We fellowship afterwards with coffee, cookies and inspiring DVD viewing.  Please contact us, if you are interested in joining the Legion of Mary.

Meeting Time & Place



Please call the parish office for contact information | 604-946-4522 |